David Tagg – I Am The Wolf

“I Am The Wolf” is an ambient work by David Tagg, which was released on Second Sun Recordings. It consists of three tracks – “Wolf Suite I”, “Wolf Suite II”, and “Wolf Suite III”, embodying the three united dreamy and pensive tracks, which are predominantly of guitar sonic nature. Blazing spheres of soli and swelling chords are gracefully flying far away, waving gently with the wings of author’s mood, carrying away the listener’s mind, closer to infinity and pastel lights. More than an hour long album, leaves an impression of a visit to some parallel world, where everything is fine, everybody is happy, free and untroubled. Listening to it is similar to dissolving in space, and letting your cells, molecules and other elementary particles dissipate, charge with freshness and then again gather into the reference state. So, take delight in listening to David Tagg’s “I Am The Wolf”.

Second Sun Recordings

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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