Witxes – Scrawls #01

The next album, “Scrawls #01”, written by Witxes, also known as Maxime Vavasseur, appears to be a self release. What fascinated me most, was the wide spectrum of textures, implied in this work – you can find here everything you like: smooth, quiet, agitated, gentle, high-tone, low-tone, mid-tone, harsh, obscured, distinct, artificial and natural sounding; the author deposited a great deal of his imagination and hard work into this diverse sonic building, though the title says otherwise – these are scribbles, sketches, made in a hurry. It is truly difficult for me to distinguish any favorite piece out of “Scrawls #01”, because all of them are precious, and they constitute a united inseparable system. As far as the moods are concerned, they are too rather variable, but they are blurred and belong to pastel scale, as the prevalent or skeleton mood is closer to tranquility and calm, balanced perception of the world. The work represents a very attractive and gripping experience, as if you have read a deep philosophical book. So, watch some Witxes “Scrawls #01”.

Downloadable on a name-your-price basis on the official release page on Bandcamp

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