Kendall Station – Nebulae And Gridlock

“Nebulae and Gridlock” is the second release on Endless Ascent label; the authorship of the release belongs to Kendall Station, whose album is devoted to a cosmic theme. Lightness and gentleness is the guiding line, that comes through all the tracklist. It is a small science fiction novel about a cosmic travel, narrated through elegant and soft ambience. I should note, that, furthermore, there is a feeling of longing for home, our space home, where it’s good to return to and, relaxed, and lying on the tender carpet of green grass, to watch the starlit sky. This nostalgia is especially conspicuous in the last tracks – “Peaceful Landing” and “Home Coming”, where great, but silent gladness is blooming. As for me, I often dive into delight of this album, full of lucidity, positive emotions and feelings. Unfortunately, information about the author is rather miser, there is almost nothing in the internet, with the exception of some articles about his albums, but this obscurity mustn’t prevent us from enjoying Kendall Station’s “Nebulae And Gridlock”, as the author put his very essence into his work.

Kendall Station’s “Nebulae And Gridlock” on Endless Ascent label:
Kendall Station’s albums on Discogs:

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