The Dawns – In Heat & Angels Dust

Unpresumaple and stunning sound of The Dawns and their album “In Heat & Angel Dust”, with its driving synthesized drone and wails, resembling a screaming violin, is now in the focus of Agniworld’s attention. There’s not much information about the author or authors of this work, however, I’ll try at least to characterize their music. As for the technical side, it could be estimated, that the main components of this crystallized and solid sounding are synthesizer and distorted guitars, combined in a tragic and pathetic duet. The evidence of this tragedy could be also seen on the official release page: “Between the ivory, the dirt settles. Flesh becomes swollen”; “The dirt is on us all, blood is on all our hands. We’re sliced and diced”. And it was a finding for me to learn, that “In Heat” denotes sexual excitement, whereas “Angel Dust” is a slang variant for PCP, or phencyclidine, a very dangerous depressant drug. In complex, these to concepts are mixed in a really depressive unity. But still, the music is quite well-organized and worth listening to. So, share the sorrow of The Dawns with their “In Heat & Angel Dust”.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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