Winter Drones – Blood In The Coffin

Cheerful, revolutionary and audacious is the work of Winter Drones, called “Blood In The Coffin”. Usually I don’t prefer to compare different musicians, but here I couldn’t help remembering Stereolab, because organ drones, met in the album of Winter Drones, have the same energizing level. “Blood In The
Coffin” is a great example of multistyle piece of art. Simultaneously, you can find ordinary ambient pieces and powerful rock tracks with march-like features. Also, different moods are evident here – from thoughtful and not-of-this-world layered settings to prankish, almost heroic melodies. Winter Drones’ album represents a real musical experiment, without any retreats and withdrawals. Don’t be afraid of the album’s title, the whole atmosphere is rather life-asserting. When I read the title before the first listening, I expected something sullen and dark, but later I change my mind, and “Blood In The Coffin” became one of my favourite albums. So, make your solemn march with Winter Drones!
Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams blog:
Official release page:
Winter Drones on My Space:

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