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VCV – HD 98618

Radiant and vibrating drones are expecting you in the album of VCV, called “HD 98618”, which was released on Second Sun Recordings. All tracks are untitled, however, they are quite viable and real. The first one welcomes you with gentle measured clicks against the background of flowing weeps and mild distant noise. The entire 47 minutes and 51 seconds of this drone trip are a must for an ambient lover, with its balanced and stable pressure, which tends to increase your mental permeability, giving new inner sights to see. The main characteristic of this album is buoyancy and smoothness: if there is such
notion as a “feast for a stomach”, “HD 98618” is a real feast for ears! So, find your repose with VCV’s work.

VCV’s HD 98618 in Second Sun Recordings catalog

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog