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Kalte – Fissures

Again Dean Hughes and Rik MacLean from the earlier reviewed here band Kalte decided to bring some happiness with their new album “Fissures”, released on Petcord label. And again Kalte draws our attention to scientific spheres; “Chemiosmosis”, “Polyphyletic”, “Harbig-Haro Object”, “Hadopelagic”, “Asthenosphere” – all these geologic and biologic terms are the conceptual units of the album, which seeks for our proximity to natural phenomena, that we don’t keep in mind, as they are so continuous or unapparent. Now, let’s proceed to the music itself. The tracks are distinguished by their monumentalness and majesty: low-tone drones, gradually exfoliating into different layers of sounds; seeming permanence, which vanishes, if we look at it “from the bird’s eye view”, for the music is rather vivid and versatile. The album has various textures – from solid to coarse- and fine-grained, with distinct skeletons and components, as if it is the product of scientific research and experiments, or a the fact of a scientific discovery. The impression of depth, darkness and coldness is created here. So, enter Kalte’s laboratory with their deep, Hadopelagic sound of “Fissures”.

“Fissures” on Petcord label

Kalte’s official site