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[neuma] – Mourning Star

March release of 2009 on Biodata Netlabel appeared to be [neuma]’s “Mourning Star”, an experimental noise ambient single-track album. It starts with high-tone sounds, which immediately start pulsating, with the progressive addition of new elements, as if a frame, becoming overgrown with new elements. On the fourth minute of the track, you can hear some shot-like sounds, which turn to become rhythmic, and after the seventh minute, they fade out, leaving place for almost melodic part, which, in its turn, disappear in the initial pulsatings. Jointly with the strange cover art picture, the album give rise to mysterious feelings. The casuistry of “Mourning Star” and “Morning Star”, which made me be strongly mistaken (great thanks to attentive and thoughtful readers!), and also made me rewrite the whole review, may play a significant role here, implying some kind of disastrous phenomena or object, which causes sorrowful emotional experiences. So, watch the “Mourning Star” of [neuma].

Official release on Biodata Netlabel