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Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan Yuen – Keep Your Hands

As if yearning for an accordance with the depicted scene on the cover of “Keep Your Hands”, the collaborative work of Demian Johnston and Kevin Gan Yuen is really able to make your head boil with the consequent eruption of brain, in the finest and most respectful sense of this words. Fat, spreaded, majestic strata of distorted guitar drones, in the aggregate with damped field recordings constitute the wall of multiwatt attack, which surrounds you. It is the great 27 minutes and 33 seconds of aggressive sound, of some kind of heroic mood, and an impulse of inspiration, that instigated the musicians to create this coarse canvas. The sound is kicking, like an unbroken horse, and, if to continue making poetic comparisons – their creation is like a huge, solid dog, which broke loose from its chain. So, make an attempt to override Demian Johnston and Kevin Gan Yuen’s album “Keep Your Hands”.

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Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog