I AM Esper/Prosektor – Split

Amex Nori label suddenly brought us some new happiness to hear some dark ambient music from a split of I AM Esper and Prosektor. This album is divided into two sections, the first belonging to I AM Esper, and the second to Prosektor. Starting theme, called “Shoreside Apparition Pt. I”, with its apocalyptic mood, full of sullen premonitions, introduces us to the black, dense and impenetrable substance of the split. The second “Shoreside Apparition Pt. II” begins with a wide sound, which resembles to some extend low-tone Tibetan horns. This agitating drone, however, later become interlaced by presumably portions of processed guitar howlings. Then, comes the turn of Prosektor, recently reviewed here. He definitely proves his dedication as an explorer of the dark side of our spiritual life. His track “Clinical Death” reveals the idea of this strange phenomenon by smooth injections of modulated string chords, passing one into another, creating the sequence of events and situations. “Emptiness Of Mind”, a set of alarming and intimidating sonic layers, narrates about this discrepant condition of human consciousness, when, maybe, because of some terrible hardships, the mind for some time is submerged into a quagmire of oblivion, lacking the ability to soberly evaluate the situation. So, have some actual dark ambient from I AM Esper and Prosektor.

Download link (Megaupload)

Amex Nori label

4 responses to “I AM Esper/Prosektor – Split

  1. Nice 🙂 Two very good artists on the same record! Can’t wait!

    Shoreside Apparition Pt 1 also appeared as a bonus track on i AM esper’s Endless Seclusion.

  2. Are there any other download links? Because I use host protection on my PC, downloads from Megaupload never work 😦

  3. Well worth waiting for. i AM esper’s Shoreside Apparition and the Prosektor tracks work really well on the same album. They definitely complement each other IMO.

  4. justin (i AM esper)

    Thanks for the review 🙂 btw all tracks made with only electric baritone guitar and effects.

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