Emuul – Crawling Across The Rafters

Released on Anathema Sound label, Emuul’s “Crawling Across The Rafters”, this album by Kyle Iman shows its tendency to subtlety and diffusiveness with its phantasmal and quiet forms. From plane surfaced “Into Darkened Hallways”, having some distant sounding; through some fuzzing and a bit sad melody of “Without Breathing”, stoic and prostrating vibrations of “A Ship Wreck Waltz”, “Haunting With M” with its beautiful and delicate monotony, the albums goes directly and with dignity to “Firenze”, the conclusion of the work, saturated with vinyl crackle, voice inclusions and prepared guitar or synthesized sounds, which complete the entire picture of the author’s intention. This release in some way may confirm the evidence of a cassette-sound specificity, which consists in peculiar character of the sonic flows, which tend to be warmer and more enriched with radiance and that sort of nostalgic zest, which immediately emerges at sight of a cassette. So, enjoy Emuul’s “Crawling Across The Rafters”.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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